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  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
  • 350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter
350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter

350MHz VGA 1x4 Splitter

  • Product Item : KS-VSP3504
  • Category: VGA Splitter
  • Product description: VGA splitter 1 input 4 output box copies video source’s signal and sends it to 4 monitors for dual monitor setup (simultaneous display with the same image)
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owered 1 in 4 out VGA video splitter is a great choice for watching the same video on both of monitors, and its output image quality can be the same quality as the original signal. 

Dual Monitors Setup (Mirror) 
It copies and repeats one single signal, then sends it to 2 monitors rather than just passively splits it like cheap splitter adapter cable does, so that it enables you to display the same image on dual screens with the same quality signals as the original signals. 

1.0 Introduction:

VGA Splitter is a product which can distribute VGA signal without loss to one or more high definition display device such as HDTV. It can optimize your home theatre system to the best effect.

VGA signal is distributed from source device such as DVD, Satellite Receiver, Set-Top Box, DV Camera, A/V Receiver and other VGA enabled device to high definition display device such as HDTV and HDMI Flat panel Display.


2.0 Features:

  1. VGA splitter come with attractive appearance,easy to install.

  2. Do not need to plus additional hardware or software.

  3. Video resolution can reach 1920 x1440 @ 60 Hz and support the DDC, DDC2, DDC2B function.

  4. Support DOS,WIN3.X,WIN95/98/98SE/2K/ME/XP/NT,Linux Netware,Unix and other operating systems.

  5. Support plug and play ,can be free to change the quantity of display without shut down.

  6. Extend the transmission distance and improve transmission signal.

  7. Metal casing design and overall shielding without signal interference.

  8. Led indicates signal and power mode.

  9. Power supply (please refer to technical parameter).


    3.0 Packaging accessories:

    1. VGA 1×4 Splitter---------------------------------------------------1 Pcs

    2. 5V DC Power Adaptor--------------------------------------------1 Pcs

    3. User Manual--------------------------------------------------------1 Pcs


    4.0 Technical parameters

    VGA Source Input Port-----------------------------------------------------------------------1

    Display Device Output Port-----------------------------------------------------------------4

    Source Port Connector--------------------------------------------------VGA-HDDB-15P.

    Display Device Port Connector----------------------------------------VGA-HDDB-15P

    Screen Resolution------------------------------------------------------1920*1440@60Hz


    Power Consumption(max.)--------------------------------------------------------2.5Watts

    Operation Temperature-------------------------------------------------------------0-70

    Working Voltage-------------------------------------------------------------------------DC 5V

    Power Adaptor---------------------------------------------------------------------------5V 1A

    Net Weight-------------------------------------------------------------------------------0.13Kg

    Dimension: L*W*H(mm)------------------------------------------------------ 149.5x64x25